Life: It’s beautiful Gift of God to Humanity, living creatures. To make Humanity more enjoyable, comfortable God created many species on earth.

Life is big mystery/full of interest/challenge: Why, Where, When, What???

From birth, why, where, when we take birth, Living being has no control on their birth.

Innate Skills: We born with specific talent specific skill, Human being can polish their skills although difficult to learn a skill which does not match with your interests.

Childhood: More off Human Childhood under control of our parents, where we spend our childhood, who will be our childhood friends.

Study: More of controlled by Parents, where we study, which level of school we study, what we study.

Professional Life: What we will do professionally, where we will do job, in which company we will do job, we can choose to attend interview however our selection is based on Interviewer judgement. Place of job is again not in our control.

Business is also depends upon market movement, technology changes, competition, Consumer taste. There are no fix business rules, some people may become rich or successful with set of rules, and however other may fail with same set of rules.

Love life/Marriage: More off our Love life is also not in our control. Who will be our partner, difficult to predict, how many marriage person will do, difficult to predict and decide, Even in today fast moving world, it is difficult to predict for a couple about their children.

Finally about dealth, when, where, why and how our death come, we have no control.

We can predict our life through multiple tools like Astrology, Palmistry, Swar Vigyan etc. All this studies tell about ourselves, although none of study clearly specify living being life.

This is beauty of life.

Life is full of mystery, search it, challenge it and enjoy it.

Finally, It’s not important how many years you live, matter how many movements you live.

Life gives you thousands of reason to cry, you shows thousands of reason to smile.

It is easy to crush, but quite tough to forget someone.

Smile is most important gift someone gives you. Don’t go for look or wealth.

Think, Perceive, Dream, go for it, live for it, die for it, enjoy it what you want.

Happiness is not materialistic, it’s spiritual.

You born, your cry, everyone smile. Live life. You die, you smile, everyone cry.

World look for happiness. Don’t go out for happiness, it’s within you. If you go out for happiness, world do business for happiness. Take care.

Don’t ask for advice, since you ask when you know answer.

Dance like no one is watching, love like no one is hurting, work like working without money.

Look out for opportunities, not the threats. Those who focus on threats are not able to focus on opportunities.

Live life like a single movement.

By RB.