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Advertisment is life-line of Consumer Business and plays important role in majority of businesses.

Like Human life is dependent on Breathe. Majority of problem in Human body are linked with movement of Breathe.

Advertisement plays most important role in Consumer businesses. Advertisement is key aspect for Growth/DE growth of many businesses.

Product positioning, Product Development, Packaging of Product, Pricing of product are indirectly linked with Advertisement of product.

It’s way of marketing communication that execute an openly sponsored, non-personal message to promote or sell a product, service or idea.


Primary objective of Advertising are: to inform, to persuade, and to remind.

Persuasive Advertising emphasize to convince customers that a company’s product or services are the best, and it alter perceptions and enhance the image of a company or product.

Primary aim of every promotional campaign is make consumer aware about their product and services and increasing the sales.

Advertisement thus helps businesses to earn more profits by enabling larger number of people to know about their product and services.


Marketing is the big picture of how companies plan to raise awareness of their brand and convince customers to make a purchase, while advertising is the process of creating the persuasive messages around these broad goals.

Advertising is a sub division of marketing, which is the sunshade term for communicating with your consumer.

Ten Types of Advertising

 Online Advertising.

 SMS advertising.

Television Ads.

Ads in Theatres.

Product Placement.


Print Advertising.

Magazine advertising.

Newspaper advertising.

Outdoor advertising.


Social Media: Local advertisement is best achieved through online ads and word-of-mouth appreciation.

Online advertisement is quite useful option as Facebook or Instagram ads aid in instant recognition and catch the attention of the interested people to trigger a faster economic generation and sales.

Print Media. …

Television. …

Radio. …

On Top of most Social media is a killer advertising platform to maximize brand recognition. You can spend as little as you can as per your budget for brand awareness.

 In India and America more than 60% people have account on Social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc.

Internet advertising is capturing largest audience, but television remains the top dog. Whether it be national or local broadcasting, television advertising has the potential to reach a larger number of people, as opposed to smaller audiences associated with local newspapers and radio stations.

You can reach a more select audience with radio airtime than you can with television advertising. Radio stations schedule different musical programs and talk shows to target different interest groups, giving advertisers the opportunity to hone in on the demographic they’re trying to reach.