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 Most charming and pleasant world for human being. It is very simple and vague word for all humans, but throughout the life most of human being never understand meaning of this word.

            Happiness is nothing special for different class humans; it’s a state of mind. Anyone can achieve this state, irrespective of his personal circumstances-past or present, his status, his education level etc. All that is required of you is a deep commitment and desire to become happy and successful. Once you have desire and determination, you can achieve anything and heal everything. All happy man is successful man, because they are able to utilize all their blessings, mentally, physically and psychologically to their fullest potential.

          Happy personalities not only feel better, they looks better, works better, socializes better and are able to utilize their every movement more effectively than a person who is not happy. Success becomes friend of happy personalities. Happiness can do lot for your.

          These personalities are characterized by a certain openness that is almost childlike and an absence of ill-will that is the root of our problems. They convey an impression of inner energy that is essentially helpful, and ordered in a manner that has a distinct attribute of harmony.

          To become a happy personality, you have to grateful to yourself for what you have. If you can laugh at yourself, it’s fairly easy to be thankful that you are you. When you are able to truly appreciate and be grateful for who you are, what you have and what you receive, you experience happiness and joy and move towards level of happy personality.

          The major important ingredient for happiness is self-honesty. We have been taught during our childhood that honesty is best policy for all relations. However to experience level of happiness, we should be self-honest. Self-honesty governs our complete emotional and mental health. Self-honesty means your emotions; your thoughts should match with each other. The mismatching of emotions and thoughts mismatch our mind and body set-up. Different level of mismatching creates different psychological problems.

          Second important ingredient for happiness is you should be always busy, whether mentally or physically. As it has been said that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop. It just creates serious emotional problems. It’s a state of human mind, which can never be happy. For a happy life you need the capacity to love and work. Especially for every part of human life, we should have targets, as when we achieve our target, our mind experience maximum happiness. “Activeness and busyness are two virtues in itself which must never be lost sight of.

          The third important ingredient for happiness is Sex. Sex is a joyful gift to human from God.

          Fourth important ingredient for happiness is your successful marriage life. From the standpoint view of Indian culture, marriage and a happy family life remain the most important goal in life. Much of your personal happiness depends on it. The important thing for happier marriage life is mutual understanding between all family members.

          With the advancement in industrialization, human life become busy. Especially in metropolitan, it becomes quite tough for humans to find out time for relaxation. Due to busy schedule, human becomes fed up with daily routines. We need break from to relaxed from our daily schedule.


          That is only reality for happiness. It is also well defined by Rowland Wright;

“Success and happiness are different things.

I think it was Carl Jung, who said that,

‘those who seek happiness, can never find it. You should wait till it comes, like the arrival of a guest late in the evening.”