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Love is God, God is Love, Whoever does not love does not know God,”

                   To define about real love is difficult indeed, for there seem to be as many definitions as there are people to define it. Some of the definitions of love are mentioned below: –

  • Love is a heartily connectivity with each soul in this planet.
  • Love is the experience of being one in this world.
  • Love is always creative, never destructive.
  • In arithmetic of love, one plus one means everything. Two minus one means nothing.
  • Love is to give. Love is to sacrifice. Love never fails.
  • There is no question in Love.
  •  “There is no religion in love.”

Love is the purest word in English dictionary jointly with God or we

Can say both are meaning of same thing. Love is natural. Love is an inner feeling which you project outwards towards others and inwards towards yourself.

Love is the most powerful emotion on earth. Love has it the capacity to heal and to cure, to build and to restore, to renew and reform, to translate and transform. Love hopes all things, bears all things, believes all things and endures all things. Love conquers all. Love never fails!

Martin Luther king, jr.said: Hatred and bitterness can never cure the

 disease of fear. Only love can do that. Hatred paralyzes life, love releases it. Hatred confuses life, love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life, love illuminates it. I’ve decided to stick with love, like anything else that changes your life, is a decision. Love is a choice, which creates options. Hate is also a choice but it removes options.

It contains a deep need to give and is at its most pure when there is no

expectation of receiving anything in return. Love is critical to a successful relationship and when divorced from ego, is able to be given away freely and easily, resulting in a wonderful sense of fulfillment.

          Ram Dass put it well when he says,” you are no longer a Buddhist or a Hindu or a Christian or a Jew or a Moslem. You are love, you are truth.

          Developing loving relationship with others brings love to us rather than we seek it. Non-judgmental love expresses,” I love you even if our life paths, life movement, actions and decisions are different and we see things differently.

          We must remove our ego and acknowledge our self-love, to reach at this glorious unconditional state of love. To let others choose their own path we must remain secure with ourselves that we are ourselves OK, worthy of our own love.

Love is a Gift: – Love means loving what is, even if we don’t understand it, without needing to change it. If we try to change it to make it more lovable, then it lost its real form and value. When we give up the need to understand and approve of everything about another, we can accept the person and honor the differences,

Then love is real.

          There exists a great gift in giving unconditional love to those around you. Give nothing but love without asking for anything in return. For when we give in this manner we receive the greatest blessing and gift of all, the joy fulfillment that infuses you with an understanding of your purpose in life. And we will attract towards ourselves people only too willing to send us their love. Receive and accept it even if you don’t always understand it. Love is indeed a gift that you give to yourself.       

When we think of love we typically think of love as the emotional

 concept of romance. But love is far more than that. Love is a vast concept that has many distinct types. We love our friends, but we do not love them the same way we love our mates. Love comes in different forms. There are three major types of love: Eros, Phileos, and Agape.

  1. Eros Love: – Eros is the type of love that we are most familiar with, the romantic type of love. It is the love we hear about in songs about lovers. It is the love that people read about in romance novels. It is the love that moves a man and a woman to become one entity and to create other human beings.
  2. Phileos Love: – The next type of love is Phileos, which is the love between friends. We all have friends and relatives we love and care about, yet it is a different feeling that when we fall in love. Phileos love is the love between friends that binds us together and moves us to share that which we have with others.
  3. Agape Love: – Agape is the love that is shared between the Creator and the creations. It is the love between God and us. Agape love is really true love.


How to Love: – Love start with our self-only. You can’t love away that give away what you don’t possess. You cannot truly love others if you cannot love to yourself. As you know yourselves to be worthwhile your self-esteem grows. Now you can give away love without conditions or expectations and in full knowledge that you can achieve a serene state of happiness.

            Some call this process developing a positive self-image or developing self-esteem but in reality it is learning to love and treasure you.