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Lungs infection:

Lung infection may be caused by a virus, bacteria, and sometimes even a fungus.

Pneumonia is most common types of lung infections.

Pneumonia affects the smaller air sacs of the lungs, is mainly caused by contagious bacteria, but can also be caused by a virus.

You may be infected by breathing in bacteria or virus when a neighboring infected person sneezes or coughs.


The symptoms of a lung infection can be from mild to severe. Sympthom depends on several factors, your age and overall health, and also depends upon whether the infection is caused by a virus, bacteria, or fungus.

Cough with mucus. Coughing aid to clear your body of the mucus produced from inflammation of the lungs and airways.

Chest pains.


Full Body Pain

Runny nose.

Difficulty in Breathing



Bluish appearance of the skin

Crackling sounds in the lungs

Lungs infections can be prevented, but still you can minimize risk with following tips:

The best way to keep away from lung infections is always keep hands clean. Wash your hands regularly with warm water and soap, and avoid touching your face as much as possible.

Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables — they contain nutrients that help boost your immune system.

Let us discuss Best 10 Home Remedies to cure Lung/Chest Infection:

  1. Ginger, Black Pepper & Honey Mix .
  2. Turmeric Powder.
  3. Carom, Tulsi, CHHOTI ELAICHI/Cardamom, MINT POWDER MIX
  4. Gargle
  5. Honey with Tea.
  6. Honey with Black Pepper.
  7. Stay Hydrated.
  8. Humdifier.
  9. Steam Inhalation.
  10. Mustar oil, Garliv cloves, Ajwain, Salt Mix

Keep yourself Relaxed.

1.      GINGER, BLACK PEPPER & HONEY MIX for Chest Infection:

Consuming Ginger juice in different mix is one of best remedy for Chest/Lungs infection.

Ginger aids to break mucus, making easier for your body to expel air. Ginger also helps improve circulation to the lungs and control inflammation.

It helps flush out toxins from your body and boosts your blood circulation.

Ginger anti-inflammatory properties also aid to kill bad bacteria.

Ginger can be used with Honey and Black Pepper. Ginger can also be used with Green tea, Herbal Tea, Normal Tea.


Mess out the Ginger and separate the juice. Take one tea spoon of Ginger juice. Make it little warm for 4/5 seconds. Add one tea spoon of Honey and ¼ tea spoon of Black pepper. Take this mix 3 times a day after your meal. Do not drink water for an hour after the mix.

2.      TURMERIC POWDER for Chest Infection:

Turmeric helps your body neutralize free radicals such as superoxide, hydroxyl and hydrogen peroxide, and neutralizing these radicals helps to reduce inflammation in the lungs

Turmeric most active compound curcumin have many scientifically-proven health benefits, such as the potential to prevent heart disease, Alzheimer’s and cancer. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant and also help improve symptoms of depression and arthritis.

As is a powerful antioxidant, and this yellow spice has the strength to fight many serious diseases, infections and even wounds.


For treating sore throat you can mix 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric and half teaspoon of salt into one cup of water. Boil water for 5-7 minutes. Add 4/5 drops of Lemon and filter this mix with strainer to separate mix water and hard part of Turmeric. Consume 2/3 teaspoon of Turmeric water 3 times a day. Quantity of Turmeric can be increased in water mix depend upon how much turmeric ingredient your body can digest.

In other way you can add Turmeric powder in Hot water and also mix Salt. Gargle with this mix 2-3 times a day.

You can take Turmeric milk before sleeping.

3.      CAROM/AJWAIN, TULSI, CHHOTI ELAICHI/Cardamom, MINT POWDER MIX for Chest Infection:

Ajwain, ajowan also known as ajowan caraway, bishop’s weed, or carom—is an annual herb. People use both leaves and the seedlike fruit of the plant.

Ajwain helps to bring out the mucus easily and helps manage chronic bronchitis and asthma to a great extent.

Camphene, cineole, and eugenol present in Tulsi helps to reduce cold and congestion in the chest

Blend made by boiling tulsi (holy basil) leaves in water is a very well-known remedy for sore throat and throat pain. Apart from consuming this blend, you can also gargle with it to soothe a Lungs infection. Tulsi also finds a place in most commercially sold herbal cough syrups and expectorant.

Cardamom has an  ingredient called cineole, that is antimicrobial and antiseptic and helps prevent any bacterial infection that could affect the lungs directly or indirectly. This is very useful for people suffer from asthmatic, suffer from bronchitis, pneumonia and have choked respiratory passages

Cardamom helps alleviate cold and flu symptoms especially in cases of a sore throat and lungs infection. Gargling with water boiled with cardamom can reduce inflammation of the Lungs and throat.

Menthol in the peppermint cools inflamed throat tissue and due to its anti-inflammatory effects reduce the swelling in your sinuses.


Mix one teaspoon of Mint, Carom, Tulsi, Cardamom in 1 litre of Water. Boil the mix till water remain ½ litre. Strain the water and consume ½ cup of filter water or as per your comfort.

4.      Gargle for Chest Infection:

Gargling with warm salt water is one of most common remedy to treat congested chest. The salt pulls the mucus out of your swollen, inflamed tissue and gives comfort.

Take ¼ teaspoon of salt with ¼ litre of water. Boil the water and mix salt in Boiled water. Than Gargel with Boiled water for 5-7 times and spit it out. Repeat the salt gargle 3times each day.

Note: If Gargling not soothing  your throat, try other remedies or consult the doctor.

5.      HONEY WITH TEA for Chest Infection:

Warm tea mixed with honey helps soothe your Congested chest.

Better to take Green tea or Herbal team being antibacterial, pain reliever and rich source of antioxidants, also reduce inflammation.

Honey has another benefit when you’re sick.

6.      Honey with Black Pepper for Chest Infection:

Black pepper is enriched with vitamin C, which naturally boosts the immunity and works as an excellent antibiotic. Better to crush the peppercorns for maximum benefits.

Black pepper is also considered to control chest congestion and open nose.


Take one teaspoon of Honey and mix Black pepper powder in Honey. Dissolve Black pepper powder in Honey in teaspoon. Consume the mix after Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. It will give immediate relief to sore throat.

7.      Stay Hydrated:

Staying hydrated is an important part of treating a Chest congestion.

Staying hydrated helps to thin thick mucus and phlegm in the lungs, making it easier to expel.

If you are not hydrated, your body doesn’t produce enough saliva and mucus to keep throat naturally lubricated. This will make the swelling and inflammation worse.

8.      Use a humidifier

Breathing in moist air also helps soothe swollen tissue in your nose and throat.

Use a cool mist humidifier to increase the moisturizer effect in your room.

 9.      Steam shower

Steam shower is another natural remedy for treating sore throat. Breathe in the steam from a warm shower to reduce swelling and ease the pain of a chest infection.

Steam helps moisten the airways, loosening dried mucus and phlegm, making it easier to cough up

You can create steam by running very hot water into a sink. Cover your head with towel and lean into the sink to breathe in the steam. Keep taking deep breaths for several minutes, and repeat as necessary to ease your dry mucus.

You can add Mint Leaves or Powder in Boiled water for more relaxation.


Mustard oil is full of monounsaturated fatty acids. Mustard oil improves Heart Health, improves blood circulation, and promotes hair growth. Mustard oil also helps for Sore throat and cold.


Mix 7-8 Garlic cloves, One tea spoon Ajwain, One tea spoon salt in Mustard oil. Boil the oil for 10-15minutes. Strain the oil with strainer.

Than Massage the chest, Hand palms, Foot Palms, Back and Head with mustard oil mix. You can apply at night for better result else take rest in the morning. This will improve air flow to the lungs and allows easy breathing.

11.    Relaxation/Meditation/Yog Nidra:

Anxiety is believed to impact many aspects of health and well-being. It can influence everything from chronic conditions to mental health.

Respiratory problems caused by anxiety are perhaps the worst type of symptom. Any time you struggle with your breathing or your lungs, you’re likely to experience a burst in anxiety, and that’s what we often see in those that are living with anxiety disorders

So keep relaxed, Do Relaxation exercises if you feel your body is more prone to environment factors.

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