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Practicing yoga helps in controlling Human mind, body and soul. It brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve a spiritual body and mind; Yoga helps to manage stress and anxiety and keeps you relaxing. Yoga also helps in increasing Physical flexibility, muscle strength and body tone.

Where in Yoga Poses are important equally the way Yoga poses are performed is also important.

We shall discuss here important while performing Yoga poses:

  1. BEST TIME TO YOGA: Early morning is best time to do yoga during Sunrise. However if you are not able spare time during morning. You can also practice in the evening.
  2. FREE STOMACH: Stomach must be empty during yoga or there must be gap of 3-4 hours after lunch. Stool should be passed prior to yoga. Better to drink warm water when you wake up in the morning. Do little walk and fresh out your stomach than start Yoga Poses.
  3. PROPER INHALE/EXHALE: Inhale/Exhale timing is quite important during Yoga poses. Inhale must start with Yoga movement and finish once we complete initial movement.  After that maintain you normal Breathe cycle.
  4. Exhale Detox our body. Improve concentration, Rhythm in Body.
  5. MAINTAIN RIGHT POSITION: When we practice Yoga poses, we should perform Poses properly and maintain the right position for the pose. In case we are not able to perform pose properly, at right angle and at right position. Else it will not give us full benefits. Most of the time it is observed that People spare time for Yoga however they do not perform complete pose. Like in Crocodile Pose Body and Legs should be 90 degree to each other. However if we are maintaining 60 or 70 degree angle, it will hardly give us 50% benefit.
  6. STAY ACTIVE & ALERT: You must be active during Yoga poses. You must have full control on body parts. Especially take care during Neck, Back and Head pose. Any aggression, Lethargic approach during Neck, Back or Head poses may be harmful.
  7. BRAIN RELAXATION: Brain must be relaxed during Yoga. Brain must be free from any Negative thoughts. Else it disturbed Breathing in the body.
  8. UNDERSTAND YOUR BODY: Every human is different from other human being in Physical & Mental capabilities. So Perform Yoga poses as per your capacity and comfort.
  9. BREATHE THROUGH NOSTRILS: In most of poses inhale/exhale is through Nostrils. However in some of Poses Inhale is through Nostrils and Exhale is through mouth like Camel Pose, Cat Pose. In Camel Pose Inhale from Nostrils and Exhale is through mouth. Wrong Inhale/Exhale can lead disturbance in Digestion, Immune and Nervous system.
  10. STAY RELAXED: Stay relaxed during Yoga Poses. Don’t be aggressive.
  11. RELAX AFTER YOGA: Relax for a while for at least 10minutes after yoga. Don’t immediately start physical activity or bath. Especially for bath Wait for 30 minutes.
  12. YOGA IS FOR NERVOUS & MUSCLES: Yoga is to Relax Body Muscles & Nervous. No extra pressure must be put on Bones. It may be harmful.

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