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Stress Against external energies or Social, Personal & Professional pressures which makes Human being out of Comfort zone or which push to act fast or act in different way.

Basically Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress.

Anxiety is a feeling of fear or nervousness regarding what’s to come. Any new activity like going to school first time, joining a new job or interview, or presenting to new audience may cause most people to feel fearful and nervous.

Consistent anxiety can lead you in depression which can have severe impact on your body, brain functioning.

When Brain and Body are not able to cope up with external pressure.

Synergy among Body, Mind & Soul disturbed or Balance of Body disturbed.

This unbalance of Body is called Anxiety.

Causes of Anxiety”:

Although it is difficult to list of key causes of Anxiety, Key causes can be change in brain structure or chemistry. Neurotransmitter which maintains communication between brain and body may be out of balance. It may be heredity, due to social or professional pressure. Parents must teach their children from childhood if they found sign of anxiety in their kids. If untreated, Child may face issue during adulthood.


Feeling are linked with Human Heart.

Due to Low feeling, Heart reduce Pumping.

Blood flow get affected or disturbed within body.

Brain becomes weak, since not receiving enough Blood input.

Oxygen flow reduces within body due to weak Respiratory system, which further weaken generation of blood in Body.


increased heart rate

rapid breathing


trouble concentrating

difficulty falling asleep

Stress in Heels

Lower part of Legs

Shoulder area

Stress in Neck

Stress in Brain

One of key reason of Strain and Stress in the body is anxiety.


Play with Pets:

Playing with pets is one of best antidepressant. Pets are your best friend. When you play with him, you take your mind out of your problems. You play with pets, you diverts your though pattern and find your self relaxed.

Eat Smart to Lift Mind and Body

Enjoy eating fruits, meals, vegetables and whole grain. Enjoy healthy diet.

Choose Foods to Boost your mood

Some Studies say omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12 ease the mood changes of depression, especially for who may not get enough of these nutrients. Fatty fish like salmon, tuna and mackerel have omega-3s. So do flaxseed, nuts, soyabeans and dark green vegatables. Seafood is a good source of B12, but vegetarians can get it in fortified cereals, dairy products, and supplements.

Try Low-Fat Carbs for a Pick-Me-Up

Carbohydrates raise your level of the brain chemical serotonin, which enhances your sense of well-being. Go for low-fat options like popcorn, a baked potato, graham crackers, or pasta, Carbs from vegetables, fruit and whole grains are even better choices—they also give your fiber.

Drink Less Caffeine/Tea

Avoid caffeine products. Anxiety often happens along with depression. And too much caffeine can make your nervous system, jittery or anxious. While scientists haven’t found a clear linke between caffeine and depression, cutting back on it may help lower risk for the condition and improve your sleep.

Treat your Aches and Pains

When you hurt, it’s hard to stay in a good mood. Try to massage your Head regularly. It gives lot of relief.

Work out to change the way you Feel

Exercise works as anti-depressants for some people. And you don’t have to run a marathon. Just take a walk with a friend.

Once you start to enjoy exercise, make exercise your daily activity. Gradually you will enjoy exercise, it will improve your sleep as well as boost your mood.

Choose and Exercise You Enjoy

If you don’t like to run, you won’t last long training for a 10k race. You can take walks, go golfing without a car, ride a bike, work in your garden, play tennis, or go swimming. Do what you like to do. Then you’ll look forward to it and feel better when you do it.

Moderate exercise is important to alleviate depression because it causes the release of chemicals called endorphins.

Besides medical benefit, release of endorphins tends to change mood and self-esteem, reduce stress, increase energy level, and improve sleep. Engaging in just 30 minutes of activity that elevates heart rate three to four times per week is enough for anyone to reap the benefits of exercise.

Exercise with colleagues:

Connections with other can help you overcome the sluggish, lonely feelings of depression. Exercise with friends or a group. You’ll stay in touch and have support to keep yourself on track.

Enjoy Sunlight:

Ensure you spend time in sun light every day.

Do creative activities:

Dancing, Painting, Photography, music, knitting, or writing in a journal are all ways you can explore your feelings and express what’s on your mind. Not to be perfectionist, its enjoying good.

Creative activities release endorphin chemical in body, which gives relax to body and brain.

Do something that gives you pleasure. It may help you better understand who you are and how you feel.

Stay Relaxed, Stay Active:

Its little difficult to overcome stress and anxiety.

You should Learn to relax that can help reinstate calm and control.

Consumption of Gutka, Smoking and Drinking gives temporary relaxation from Anxiety or Depression, and in long term may lead to many disease like Cancer, Lungs problem, Throat problem etc.

Tobacco product triggers our nervous system and gives us temporary relaxation.

Anxiety, Depression weaken our Nervous System, Immune System, Respiratory system and Digestion system. So use of Tobacco item should be avoided.

Activity you should avoid during anxiety:

Avoid unnecessary travel

New activity about which you are not confident

Avoid unnecessary eye contact

Avoid Group talks

Consider your comfort before participating Social gathering.

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