Mutton mince- 1kg

Ginger One inch

Garlic- 10 pods

Roasted onion-150 gm

Cinnamon-1 inch

Green Cardamom-2 to 3pieces

Black cardamom pods of one

Cloves-4 to 5 pieces

Black pepper-4 to 5 pieces

Bay leaf- 1piece

Nutmeg – half

Mace –one flower

Poppy seeds-2 spoon

Ghee – 2 spoon

Egg -1 piece

Coriander leaves-half bunch

Raw papaya- little with the skin


It includes 2 steps. First one is grinding the masala (spices) and the mutton in the food processor. Second step is mixing and mixing of the mutton and masala together with your hand which is a must

First step.

Grind all the dry ingredients (cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, bay leaf, nutmeg , mace, poppy seeds).When grounded properly add the coriander leaves and the egg and  raw papaya . Blend it together again.  

Then grind the mutton mince in a food processor till the proteins are broken and there is a smooth texture.

Second step.

Transfer the grounded mutton mince in a big bowl and mix the grinded masala paste into it. Mix them together with your hands properly. Take time to do this so that both the masala and the mutton mix together properly. At this time add one tablespoon of ghee and mix it again. Marinate the mixture and keep it in freeze for 2 to 3 hours so that the mixture is firm.

Then comes the frying part i.e. making the kebabs. Take a sizzler pan or a simple non stick tawa. Put a spoon or two of white oil. Dip your hands in water and take a small portion of the mixture in your palm and roll gently to give a small cylindrical shape. Keep in mind that the edges should not be thin. Like this make all the kebabs. When the pan is hot put a few kebabs gently one by one and fry it. When one side is brown, turn it gently. Fry it till all the sides are brown. Keep the flame medium so that they don’t burn. It should take 5 to 6 mins for one batch. Make all the kebabs like this and enjoy it with Naan or any other bread of your choice or simply with onion rings and slice of lemon.

TIP – If you find that while making the kebab the mixture is little bit more soft then add one or two spoon of roasted gram flour (Sattu) in the mixture to make it firm.

Recipe by – Aparajita Das

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