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“You breathe, you live. You control, You enjoy realm. You stop, you leave.”                                                                                                                RB

Breathe is lifeline for you and Breathing can heal you physically and mentally.

Breathing makes use of mechanical and chemical processes to conduct oxygen to every part of body and to move carbon dioxide out of body.

Oxygen is vital for functioning of Human body and oxygen acts as primary energy for the body.

Through breathing you move out carbon dioxide as a waster product of the body.


Inhale/exhale both are important function of the body. Inhale/exhale is a type of an art. During particular situation Inhale/exhale is linked with your mental or psychological condition. Or inversely you can change your outlook by having control on your inhale/exhale.

You can simply control your outlook by simply focusing on your breathe.

When you give your brain a positive statement, Your breathing pattern changes, also there is hormones changes in the body that boost your mood proportional to release of endorphin chemical.

When you give your brain negative statement, again your breathing pattern changes, proportionally hormones changes in your body and less release of endorphin and less relaxation.

“You breathe fast, you are stressed or anxious. You breathe slow or steady, you are relaxed.”

In general, you flush out toxins or carbon dioxide during exhale and flush in oxygen during inhale.


You may survive for 15 days without food, you may survive 15 days without water, but you may not be able to survive without breathe for 1-2minutes. Brain immediately gives signal of shortness of air. Body function will gradually stop.


Key benefit of breathing is we cannot live without oxygen or Breathing is mandatory for our life.

Breathing affects your heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, digestion and overall health. Or we can also say breathing is co-related with psychological or physiological condition.

You breathe around 2000 times in a day. Means so many times you breathe in and out air from our nose, lungs, muscles, chest wall expanding, contracts and stomach movement.

There are filter in your nose that clean the air when enter to your respiratory system. When you breathe from your mouth unfiltered air can harm your body in many ways.

Many times anxiety also makes change in breathing pattern or can create issue for you. When you face breathing issues, you may feel shortness of breath, you may feel more comfortable for mouth breathing, or you may face sleep disorder.

When you face shortness of breath, especially during sleep, you can face fatigue, exhaustion and tiredness in your day to day activity.

Breathing is vital for our life so it is important to be aware how we breathe and pick ways that supports us to be healthy and comfortable.

Breathing techniques may helps to rid off Smoking, Drinking, over eating, PMO addictions.

Let us discuss few Breathing techniques that will help to relax nervous system, control blood pressure, heart and strengthen our body.


  1. Anulom/Vilom, Nadi shodhana:

Anulom/Vilom helps for respiratory problems like allergies, asthma, Relax nervous system, aids to headaches, improves lungs stamina, prevents anxiety, depression and stress. Anulom/ Vilom also improve body posture.

i. Sit on ground in cross leg posture. Bring your working hand in front of your face, put the tips of your pointer finger and middle finger on to your palm and other finger extended. Your back and neck must be straight and relaxed.

Press your thumb on one nostril, Deeply inhale your open nostril. You may do inhale comfortably if you feel any muscle contraction during inhale. After inhalation, Exhale through same nostril comfortably. Repeat process from other nostril. Inhale and Exhale time should be equal.

Repeat this step 3-5 times.

ii. Now you have to repeat everything same except exhale will be from other nostril. Repeat this step for 3-5 times.

iii. In third step, you have to add time delay in step ii. Inhale within 4seconds, Hold for 16seconds, Exhale within 8 seconds. Hold for 4 seconds. Repeat process from other nostril.

It is recommended to do Anulom vilom with emply stomach in the morning or evening. Increasing Anulom vilom timing may be more than 10-15 minutes may lead to constipation. During inhale/exhale focus must be feeling of air and full comfort.

If you suffer with any muscle pain around neck or head or muscle contraction around neck area, Anulom vilom in the evening may disturb sleep.

Anyone means any age group person can practice Anulom vilom.


Equal breathing is also called sama vritti. Equal breathing Relaxes nervous system, bring balance in your breathe pattern. Equal breathing also improves body postures.

In equal breathing you can sit comfortably on ground or on chair. You inhale through both nostrils and same for exhale. Length of Inhale/exhale depends upon your capacity however should be same and try to extend your limits.

It is better to count during inhale/exhale to maintain same length for inhale/exhale.

Repeat it for 5-7times.

Anyone means any age group person can practice Equal breathing.


Coherent breathing is very good for people suffer from Depression, anxiety and headache

In Coherent breathing You breathe 5 or 6 times for inhale/exhale in a minutes. Here you synchronize your breath with your heart rate.

You can sit on ground or comfortable chair and practice coherent breathing 5-7 times.

Particular very good for Students and professional suffer from depression or anxiety disorder.


Deep breathing is very good for people suffer from breath shortness or other breath issues. Deep breathing also relaxes your nervous system.

You can practice deep breathing by sitting on ground or on chair or in standing position.

Inhale deeply, hold for 5 seconds, exhale slowly.

Repeat for 3-5 times.

You can make deep breathing more useful by holding and observing breathe at different chakra location like Muladhara, Swadisthana, Manipur, Anahata, Vishudhaa and Aagya chakra. It will help to cure disease at different places in body and will strengthen particular area of body.

Better to practice Deep Breathing with empty stomach or after 3-4 hour meal gap. Do deep breathing with comfort as you fully load your body. If you feel any discomfort during or after deep breathing, better to do only comfortably or avoid. Sometimes deep breathing may also disturb sleep.

Focus on your nostril and move forth back short breath, relax muscles around neck and head, gives relaxation to your muscles.


Breath focus technique is quite useful for Relaxation of Body and Brain.

In Breath focus techniques you focus on your natural breath along with body movement. No external efforts are required in this technique. There are no body movement in this technique.

You can sit down or lie down in a comfortable place.

Focus on your breaths without any effort to control breath or any body movement.

You can start with deep inhale/exhale and observe abdomen movements.

Observe natural breaths for 5-10 minutes.

You can also observe your body parts one by one that gives relaxation to specific parts.

You can mentally say yourself you are relaxed, you are peaceful and calm.

Gradually you can slow down your breaths. You will feel inner realm once you reach at level of zero breaths.

Anyone means any age group person can practice Focus breathing.


Abdominal breathing technique is quite useful to cure stress, anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate.

Sit on Ground or chair comfortably.

Position your one hand on chest and second hand on your belly. Inhale deeply through both nostrils, allow to fill diaphragm with air to produce stretching feeling in lungs. Exhale slowly. You can exhale through Nostril or pursed lips.

Gradually you can increase pressure at your belly to make exercise more useful.

You can practice Abdominal breathing for 10minutes and better to do morning or evening time.

7. Vaccum Breathing:

Vaccum Breathing is most useful for Depression, Anxiety , Muscle contraction and to cure particular branch of nerves.

Vaccum Breathing is little difficult as in this breathing techniques you hold and move the breath forth back to cure that specific area.

You can practice Vaccum Breathing on the Floor or on the chair or even while walking as per your comfort.

Sit on comfortable position.

Inhale slowly

Now hold the inhale and focus in the area where you are feeling discomfort. Keep your body, neck straight and relaxed.

Try to move Breath forth back in that particular area for 10 sec.

Body Natural response will create vaccum in that area and relaxes, open & strengthen the nerves in that area. Body natural vaccum may also remove any blockage in that area.

You practice every one step, you will feel relaxation in brain and body.

Important to note, when you start first time, Practice in small steps may be 3 steps of 10 seconds.

Gradually increase timing and frequency as per your body comfort only.

In case you are not comfortable for vaccum breathing, take help of specialist.

We recommend to finish Vaccum Breathing with Om/Ohm chanting since vaccum breathing may little disturb air movement in the body. And Ohm chanting will nullify that effect.

8. Breath Walk:

Breath walk is one of the best breathing technique for anxiety solution. In Breath walk Let breathe to drive the body. Spend 15-30 minutes breath walk, if you suffer from severe anxiety. You can also take help of counselor for more benefits.

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