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“If you can create you, not society, you can win depression.”


Causes of Depression among Students:

Lacks of exercise, Sleep, Focus, Weak eating habits, shyness, anxiety are few reasons for depression among students or heredity may also reason for depression. In terms of solution exercise, creative activities and personal counseling are best solution for depression among students. In terms of age depression may be due to personal circumstances till 25th year and above primarily due to social and professional circumstances.

In our previous article we focused how depression and Breathing are linked. Here we will focus how depression is linked with Brain activity and how depression may create or change brain neurons structure.

Depression and Brain Neuron Structure:

As per science, Human brain is having around 85 billion neurons that make different structure according to the activities we do. Some structures may be genetic or heredity that are quite difficult to change. Genetics structure may really disturb you throughout your life and genetics structure may also give you abnormal abilities.

When you learn something neurons creates structure in brain which automatically saved, when you want to recall what you learnt brain stimulates that neurons structure so you can use that structure.

When you watch any advertisement, neurons creates structure in brain which gets saved, when you want to buy that categories of item, brain stimulate the biggest neurons structure so psychologically you are pushed to buy that brand.

Now when you are depressed, you continuously focus only one aspect of life means neurons structure becomes strong and stronger. It is like you are watching only one advertisement every time. Gradually this neurons structure becomes so strong that your brain is not able to focus on any other activity. You brain and body start malfunction as both require relaxation at regular intervals.

When brain get stimulus against this structure, it stimulate the neurons structure that acts depression disorder. Severity of disorder depends upon strength of neurons structure. If cause of depression is same, disorder will be one type. If causes of depression are different, disorder may vary. Sometime person may run from home, an aggressive behavior, suicide activities etc. are common depression outcome.

Stress and Anxiety which leads to depression that comes during study includes financial worries, anxiety for the job, relationship issues, Non-Selection in particular University or place etc.

Depressed students are more likely to indulge in drinking, smoking, consumption of tobacco products and participate in risky sexual behaviors to cope with emotional pain.

Solution of Depression for Students:

Walk, Focused Exercise, Yoga, Meditation, Breathing techniques, Hypnosis or Concentration techniques, Participation in Sports activity, Involvement in cultural activities, Dance and Music are some of best way to stay refreshed and active

Combination of 30 minute Walk, 10-15 minutes yoga, 5-10minutes Breathing Exercises, 5-10 minutes dance or singing or writing in a day can definitely change your mood and rejuvenate you completely.

Walk elevates your mood, release endorphin chemical in brain and body.

Yoga Relaxes Brain and body, improves communicating between body and brain.

Breathing exercises boost nervous system, may break or weaken neurons structure in brain and

Finally any creative activity like Writing, singing and dancing may totally refreshes you.

Write your all thoughts that disturb you. By writing you executed output against input received by brain that break neuron structure and refreshes you.

Singing involves physical and spiritual activity that boosts your spirituality and refreshes you mentally.

Similarly dancing boost physical and spirituality within you.

If still students are not able to cope up with depression, personal counseling is mandatory.

It is better to consult counsellor in college during Depression. And if counsellor is not available in college, take help of professor to deal with depression. If college professor are not able to help, consult specialist

Depression Counselling:

Depression counseling involves trained counselor listening and talking to you and helping you rid of from negative thoughts within you.


Counseling may help you rid of:

Mentally like depression or anxiety or any type of disorder,

Rid of from certain personality traits,

Rid of from specific type of emotions like low self-esteem, anger,

Rid of from any physical or psychological accident in life loss of job, loss of someone, relationship issue, non-selection in particular place or position…

other psychological issues, such as sexual traits…


Counseling can be telephonically,


In group,

However Private counseling is more effective during depression.

During counseling you are motivated to discuss your emotions, feeling, Counselor discuss your thoughts in detail, understand and try to break your thought pattern.

Counselor helps you introspect yourself and your circumstances, and aids to look out solution for your problems.

Counseling may be off one session or multiple session depends upon severity of depression or till you are not able to rid of depression.

Initial improvement is quite slow if depression is severe, you may feel substantial improvement once you are able to control your thought pattern by your own.

Other approaches for handling depression are like Behavior activation, Interpersonal therapy and Cognitive behavior.

Behavior Activation

In Behavior activation: you are motivated to refresh yourself or elevate your mood by implementing simples changes in your lifestyle like defined above.

BA can be offered in private or in group session. Session may be 15-20 numbers.

You are taught to handle problem solving skills to tackle issue which affects your mood.

BA is useful with person feeling low due to psychological factors like personality traits, anxiety or own negative thoughts.

Focus is primarily on Discussion, rid of Negative thoughts and involvement in the activities of your interest.

Cognitive Behaviour:

In Cognitive behavior therapy focus is primarily to change thought pattern by setting goals for routine activities.

CBT is useful with people who are not able to cope up their day to day activities.

You are gradually taught to break your activities in small steps and manage them easily.

Interpersonal Therapy:

Interpersonal therapy is primarily used with people who are depressed due to relationship issues with partners, family members or close relatives etc.

Poor relationship can ruin your life, your relationship, and sociality also and leave you depressed. Depression may spoil your complete relationship.

IPT is useful for cases where CA and BA are not useful.

IPT is always offered in multiple sessions.

Help a Depressed person by becoming Counselor:

Depression makes the person tired, over exhausted and restless, depressed person mostly need help of other to cope up with circumstances.

It is quite difficult for people to understand depressed person who never felt depression and its effects or symptoms.

Sometimes friends, close relatives unknowingly hurt the depressed person. It always better to share your problems with your closed ones who can really understand your problems, thoughts and ready to help you.

The most important way to help someone with depression is to offer emotional support. This support involves understanding, patience, affection, and encouragement to the depression sufferer.

Regularly Indulge depressed person in conversation and listen thoroughly. Do not downgrade feelings expressed, but point out things and offer hope.

Give depressed person company for outings, walks, social gathers, movies or any activity. Encourage for participation in creative activities, sports, hobbies etc.

The depressed person needs company and diversion, but too many demands can increase feelings of failure and exhaustion.

Never accuse the sufferer of fake illness. However with proper treatment, involvement people find lot of improvement from depression. Keep that in mind. Moreover, keep reassuring the depressed person that, with time and help, it is highly likely that he or she will feel better.

Help as a counselor:

If you have good sense of humor, you are focused and able to manage your life circumstance, you can be good counselor for your closed ones or to whom you want to help. You can try to understand cause of depression and accordingly you can help depression sufferer.

We have detailed out here reason of depression like Stress, anxiety, loss of closed one, relationship issues, selection issue etc. accordingly we need to guide and break out the thought pattern of the sufferer.

You can play role of counselor by helping the sufferer for setting her goals, motivating for small activities, pushing for participation in creative activity.

During this time, if you can make close emotional relation with the sufferer that will definitely help the depressed person. That is type interpersonal therapy.

Medicine for Depression:

It is always better to treat depression sufferer with Natural ways like defined above; medicine can be used in the scenario when all other options are not working.

Most of medicines have side effects and it is quite difficult to rid of from this side effects.

Depression is psychological and lifestyle problem so it can only be treated through primarily psychological ways and secondary by changing our lifestyle.


Depression and Paralyze are little contradictory word. Depression is primarily psychological disorder and paralyze is brain stroke.

Paralyze may be accidental, brain stroke or brain hemorrhage.

High blood pressure, Depression along with infection can also lead to brain stroke. Under Depression or Anxiety you immunity level is quite low.

During depression or anxiety disorder probability to be infected with any type of virus or bacteria is quite high that may lead to paralyze also. Special care must be given to depressed patient during virus or bacterial infection.

Depression and Paralyze both are linked with your brain or brain disorder.

As of now medical science find it quite difficult to treat any brain disorder or anything where brain requires treatment and success rate in brain disorder is quite low.

Safest way to treat brain is through exercises and if it is particularly linked with psychological disorder & solution is only psychology.

Your will power in this scenario is most important aspect for recovery. And definitely recovery may require little longer time.


We have linked Depression with Lifestyle, Breathing, Brain Neuron structure, Brain stroke etc. Now let will discuss and correlate depression with Personality type.

Broadly we categorize personality into 5 Major categories:

•        Intellectual

•        Social

•        Materialistic

•        Emotional

•        Multi-trait

Intellectual personality likes to be full control and charge on their environment. They are focused, goal-oriented and practical in their nature. They like to delegate task to others.

Intellectual personalities are dominate and sometimes anxious also.  Being anxious is a positive as well negative personality trait. Sometimes it helps to achieve your goals and other scenario it may lead to depression/anxiety disorder.

Social personality is a very outgoing, energetic, and fast-paced individual who likes to be around people and enjoys being the center of attention.  They are good in relationship building.

Social personalities are least susceptible to depression and anxiety disorder. The only negative thing with social personality is that since you like to live life on high, sometimes you bring yourself to the level where you are isolated from your own self and closed ones. At this point you may suffer with depression disorder. And it is observed many social personalities are not able to easily recovered being suffered with depression or other narcotic disorder.

Materialistic personality is detail oriented people who likes to be involved in things that are controlled and stable. They are sort of perfectionist, rational, and logical.

Materialistic personalities are most susceptible to anxiety and depression disorder. Being perfectionist you try hard to achieve your goals, and most of time you put extra pressure on your mental and psychological health.

Emotional personality are slower, live life in general, maintain easier pace toward their work. They look out for longevity and security on the job. They are good in doing repetitive task.

Since emotional personality lives life in their own, sometimes when they indulge too much in life circumstances and not able to cope up or manage the environment they may suffer with depression disorder.

Multi-traits personality can be used for multiple tasks. If a personality is close to traits of all personality type, the individual is like chameleon of personalities.

Multi-trait is having features of all personality types that their positive as well as negative trait. Due to multiple traits they may also susceptible to depression disorder although not anxiety disorder.

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