Brain wash is way to control, break brain thought process. It’s different from the way we think naturally and we take decisions.

Brain wash is little complex process that breaks normal belief system and replaces them with the belief system of counselor doing the brain wash. Gradually person attains that belief system.

Brain wash is required to the persons suffering from Anxiety disorder, depression disorder or any type of disorder linked to our thought process.

Brain wash technique is also used with war prisoners, militants and terrorist to wash their identity or find out critical information from them.

We are primarily focusing here for Brain washing as a solution for Depression or Anxiety Disorders.


In psychology, brainwashing is referred to as thought reform that falls into the sphere of social influence.

Social influence impacts you every time you enter in social zone. Sociality changes your attitudes, behavior and belief system.

Similarly Professional and personal influence impacts you every time you enter in professional or personal zone.

There are multiple approaches for brain wash like education method affect a change in the belief system by educating the new beliefs and convincing it is right. Persuasion approach focuses on attitude change by convincing that this attitude will make you happy or successful. Compliance approach focus to produce change in behavior by just do it approach and do not focus on attitude or belief system.

Depend upon circumstances brainwashing uses one approach or multiple approaches to change the behavior, belief system or thought process with or without the consent of the person.

Advertisement is also one form of Brain washing. A repeated advertisement state value of product that makes audience feel minor without that product.

Similarly, news bulletin shows one angle of a topic or story thus changes the perspective of audience on that topic.

Brain wash require complete isolation and dependency. Brainwasher must have full control on brainwashee. During the brain wash process agent break down target identity to the level that it doesn’t work anymore and changes with different set of attitudes, belief and behavior that suits target present circumstances.

Brain Wash Techniques for Depression or Anxiety sufferer:

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