You can nullify sensitivity, you can’t simply stop emotional reaction”      RB

Sensitivity can be nullified, can’t be simply ignored or can’t simply stop emotional reaction. Sensitivity generates reaction in the body, subsequently mind direct to act Human being.

Sensitivity is your asset, if managed, handled and used as sense of humor. Sensitivity is liability, if uncontrolled and lead to stage of Hypersensitivity.

Sense of Humor helps you in your Professional, Personal and Social life. Hypersensitivity destroy your Professional and Social outlook.

Reaction is one of most common phrase used when discussed about psychological problems. And in multiple places recommendation is that simply ignore reaction.

Reaction is natural Human body phenomena or process. Reaction start with Human Self (what we are), than brain direct body to act. Now if you ask to brain not to react, either brain or body may malfunction.

Let us understand with practical example. Driver is running a bus on highway, he observe something on highway and decided to stop the bus. However conductor direct him drive fast. He may be confused and accident may happen.

Similarly when we direct our body against natural reaction of body, brain or body may malfunction or there may be hormones change in body.

Let us discuss in detail:

What is Sensitivity:

the state of being sensitive or hypersensitive: such as.

  • the capacity of an organism or sense organ to respond to stimulation : irritability.

Sensitivity is also the quality of being caring, easily irritated or sympathetic, sense of humor.

Another example of sensitivity is a person who gets upset very easily.

Sensitivity is directly linked with physical as well as emotional reaction of the body

In other words your reaction level is directly proportional to your body and mind sensitivity.

More is your body sensitive from any particle, substance or energy; more you will react when you come in contact with that particular thing or energy.

Less the sensitive you are, substance or energy will not easily affect you.

Human body is like Computer system, which generates output for every input or senses or does some activity against each input.

When you hold to execute output  against any input, Brain generates equal Hormones reaction. Like when you become impatient our legs start movement or our body tries to do some activity.

Now in this situation, when you hold the legs, it creates stress in your body either in Brain or in your legs due to Hormones reaction.


As discussed above, every input in body generates output physically as well as mentally. When you hold the output or you try to control the reaction in body, you suppresses yourself emotionally, there is hormones changes happen in your body that disturb natural functioning of body.

When you consistently suppress emotions, it may lead to anxiety in your nature or may lead to Depression or anxiety disorder.


 You can nullify negative affect of Sensitivity or reaction of emotions by changing your emotions in that scenario. To do so you need to adjust yourself or Reappraise yourself in the environment without feeling bad for long or you have to feel good in same environment.

Before going ahead, Let us discuss important aspects related to Sensitivity, Emotions and Reaction:


Emotions are Feelings like sadness, happiness and anger that people have in response to different thoughts and situations. Sometimes a person can have more than one emotions


Having control means that you are able to change your emotion as per situation or you can cope up your emotions as per circumstances. This helps you to manage the situation without any hormones changes in your body.

Cope up:

Adjust yourself in environment without feeling bad for too long.

Unconscious Processes:  Your brain does many activities about which you are not aware.

Emotional Reaction:

Emotional reaction are changes that automatically happen during an emotion (like changes in what your body is doing, changes in your thoughts, and changes in how you want to act).

Reappraisal:  One good skill for dealing with unhelpful emotions. To do this, you first notice what thoughts you are having in a situation. Then you try to find another way to think about the situation that might make you feel better.

Approaching Your Fear:  

Approaching your unhelpful fear skill helps you deal your fear. To do this, you first decide that it is ok to be feeling fear. Then you decide to still do what you are afraid of, even though the fear is still there. This can help you learn to be less scared in the future.


  • LOVE:

When you are in love or have feeling of love, oxytocin, the “love hormone,” gives you comfortable, confident feeling and gives relaxation to pain in any area of body. Your heart becomes more healthier.


Anger is linked with Irritability and rage. Anger creates headache, backache, Insomnia and digestion problems or any type of stroke. Consistent anger can lead to anxiety disorder.  So better you win not the anger, learn to communicate, discuss and resolve the issue. Maintain healthy thought pattern or process.


Depression is a mental disorder that gives you feeling of severe pain in multiple areas of body. Depression can lead to Insomnia, headache, makes your immune and respiratory system weak.

  • PRIDE:

Unreasonable pride comes with negative thoughts. Increase your Blood pressure, stomach related problems.

Be empathetic, understand others. Learn to regret or say sorry. Don’t try to be perfectionist.

Don’t be possessive, serious, embarrassed about your feeling as it hold your freedom.


You feel confident, free and relaxed in case of healthy shame. Unhealthy shame comes from past experience and lead to stress for a person.

Shame increases your heart rate and constricted arteries.

You must stop comparing yourself with others, if you want to overcome shame. Challenge yourself with small activities that will gradually make you confident. Learn the art to love yourself.


Low jealousy is fine, Unhealthy jealousy can destroy relationship, disturb family life.

Stress due to jealousy lead to high heartbeat, increase blood pressure, insomnia and stomach problems.


Happiness is most charming and pleasant word for human being. Happiness and Good health walk together, sleep on same bed, and eat on same table.

Means to say if you are happy, you will be healthy, you live life longer.

Learn to smile, relax, hugging, mediate and enjoy life.

  • FEAR:

Fear is natural phenomena of body or our nervous system. When you feel fear, more blood is send to muscles and body so that body is ready for fight or flight.


“Disgusting” is one of the toughest emotions for the body to control. Fear or Anger makes your heartbeat fast, disgust makes your heartbeat slowdown.

To overcome feeling of disgust, take few deep breath, exhale slowly and try to control your emotions.

Disgust is sometimes linked with liking for environment or some person being. Best way to overcome it is change your emotions like instead of making fun, be kind toward them.

We have discussed Sensitivity, We have discussed Emotional Reaction, We have also discussed how to change Emotional reaction.

Let us discuss how to improve our Sensitivity level or how to nullify Sensitivity.

Broadly Solution for Sensitivity and Emotional reaction Co-relate with each, however at micro level Solution for Emotional reaction are like taking medicine, when you are not well. And Solution for Sensitivity are like Preventive measure so that you keeps your health always well.


Let us once again look at your body sensitivity system to understand how to nullify sensitivity:

You have five senses Eye, Ear, Tongue, Skin, and Nose that sense any input from external world or environment. Based on Input received mind react and direct body to act. Broadly your sensitivity depends upon these five sensors.

Signal from these five senses are transmitted to the brain. Based on input received from transmitted path which is nerves, your brain processes the signal and direct body to act.

Based on input received from brain, body act and execute the task. Finally your body output that is Hands, arms, Legs, Foot etc. execute the action.

Means to say Sensitivity and reaction involves Five Senses, your nervous system, Brain and all body parts. It is not particularly linked with any specific parts of body or specific organs.

However you can understand from above that Brain and Nervous system is vital for proper functioning of body at primary level, as brain is decision maker and nervous system maintain communication among all body organs and body parts.

If you are able to understand and control your brain and able to strengthen your nervous system, you can easily improve your sensitivity level or nullify sensitivity level.

We are listing below ways to strengthen your Brain cells and Nervous system:

  • Sleep Well:

Sleep refreshes our body and mind. 7-8 hour sleep is mandatory for everyone. Sleep means quality sleep. Room ambience is very important for quality sleep. When you go to bed for sleeping, you must keep away all Gadgets from your bed. Stop day activity One hour before going to sleep.

  • Regular Exercise:

Exercise Strengthens your Muscles and boost your overall health and sensitivity.

  • Regular walk:

Walk releases Endorphin and relaxes body and brain. Walk improves Rhythm in body and mind and Improves your Sensitivity level

Mediation improves focus, concentration, strengthen nervous system. Mediation and Yog nidra are best for improving sensitivity level in your body.

Breathing is most important function of Human body. Breathing strengthens nervous system, Relaxes muscles, improves your eye sight, and improves your overall health. Breathing accompanied with walk and other exercises gives best result.

  • Avoid Stress:

Although Stress is emotional reaction, sometime it may be genetic also. Sensitivity and Stress Co-relate each other and stress boost to Sensitivity level in the body.. Better to keep yourself relaxed.

  • Eat more fiber:

Fiber improves our Digestion system and overall health of Gut. Gut is key to your body health. Once your Gut is healthy, You will become more physically stronger which will further improve your sensitivity level.

  • Regularly consume Fruits and Green Vegetable
  • Add Herbs to your cooking

Herbs strengthen your Nervous system and boost your immunity and sensitivity.

Improve your Immunity:

More you are physically weak, higher will be your sensitivity level or you will be hyper-sensitive. Your physical and mental health co-relate each other. Better will be your immunity, You will be less sensitive.

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