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“Parenting is an Art like painting Scenery”                   RB

Parenting is an art like painting scenery. The way you try to paint scenery you take care all important views like Hills, Greenery, Home, Entrance, Roads, Coloring, Birds etc. Similarly in parenting you need to take care all view of Kids life and somehow fulfill all the view.

While painting scenery, you care how hardly you use the colors; you care dark Coloring as well as light coloring of the scene. Similarly in parenting you need to be hard as well as soft considering the circumstances.

You love parenting, and everyone love their kids, but sometimes it becomes difficult to handle the kids and even some parents find parenting irritating.

So, what are the secrets of “Happy Parent”? So whether you handle Baby, Child or Teenager Let us discuss ways that helps in improving your role and relationship with your children:


Most of the parents feel, there is always space for better parenting. So they always push them to perform more or better. Such feelings is not good and are gradually rub off to kids or observed by kids.

Being parents, maintain high esteem of parenting. Whatever you do as parent do with high esteem like you have done the best and also do the best.

Express whatever you have done is best for the family as a whole.


Evolve yourself in leisure activities with regular break from day to day life. You are happiest when you keep yourself refreshes. Keep in mind that your emotions, feelings are transferred to your kids.

So keep refreshing yourself every day and spare some time for leisure activities, play with your children, spend time together with all the members of family. It improves relationship among family members and strengthens the bonding.


Discipline is quite important within family; however family healthiness is maintained with cool environment. Learn to scold the kids with fun so they understand the mistake, not to feel inferior and healthy environment is kept maintained within family.


During childhood, Kids look out for their Role model in one of parents either father or mother. It is important for parents to understand Kids Role model as gradually kids may start follow habit, interest of their Role model.

Kids inhibit initial habits from their parents only. So initial 5-10 years of kid’s life are very crucial for learning good habits, whatever habit parents follows, kids learn same habits.


Spending time with Kids maintain healthy relationship within family. When you play with kids comfort level is high and kids feel much more comfortable to share their feeling with parents.

When you do not spend time with your kids, gradually isolation enter in the relationship subsequently it is quite difficult to fill the gap. You must spend at least 30minutes with your kids on an average basis and better to evolve 30 minutes as play, some activity or important discussion. Lead your kids with example, do what you expect from them.


A very important aspect in parenting is when to control the kids and when to give relaxation on their decision. You cannot expect that kids will follow everything you ask them.

You must respect few of their decision and for rest you must convince them to follow.


Another important aspect in parenting you must respect Kids intelligence. Never underestimate your kids, every human being enter in this world with some specific intelligence.

Respect kids decision and honor your kids. This gives base to healthy relationship and atmosphere within the family. It also increases confidence among kids.


Above we have discussed few important aspect in parenting, now let us discuss Parenting style, their pros and cons.

Parenting style refers to certain type approaches to raise your children.

Interesting aspect in parenting style is that most of style seems to be similar from one another. However there are very minute difference that makes major impact in parenting.

Four major types of Parenting styles are described below:

  • Authoritative
  • Authoritarian or Disciplinarian
  • Permissive or Indulgent
  • Uninvolved

Each parenting style differs in at least four areas: discipline style, presenting, nurturance, belief and expectations.


Authoritative parenting style focuses on reasoning and nurturing, and shows clear expectations to their kids. Parents who display this style are self-disciplined and think in a particular way. Authoritative style of parenting is considered to best beneficial for the kids.

Discipline is important aspects in this style of parenting, rules are clear with appropriate reasoning behind the rules is well explained.

Frequent communication happens among family member as per kids understanding.

Prime focus in Authoritative style is nurturing of kids key personality traits.

Kids are clear about their goals. Goals are clearly stated to them and expectations are clear.


In Authoritarian parenting style parents are considered as disciplinarians.

Discipline is most important aspect in this style without any negotiation. Punishment is high being not followed.

This parenting style follows one way communication from parent to kid only. Neither reasoning nor rules are explained.

Focus is primary on discipline not on nurturing. Flexibility is limited and expectations are quite high in this parenting style.


In Permissive or indulgent style of parenting parents allow their kids to live their life as they want. Kids have been given full freedom. Guidance is limited and kids are allowed to find their own direction and take decision. We can also say permissive parenting as friendly parenting as in this style parents are like friends to their kids.

This parenting style is least disciplinary. No rules are maintained and mostly in this style kids are allowed to resolve their problem by their own.

Easy communication happens in this style of parenting, however kids are allowed to decide by themselves rather than giving them direction.

Parents in this category are soft, warm and key focus is that let kids nurture themselves.

Expectations are kept at very low from the kids.


In Uninvolved style of parenting, kids are given full freedom and mostly stay out of their way. In this style of parenting most of parents are least interested in parenting, although few parents make conscious decision about their kids.

Communication is very limited among family members. There is no discipline maintained in this style of parenting. Kids are allowed to do what they wants, no caring, flow of information is involved.

Neither there is any nurturing in this style parenting nor there is any expectation from the children.


Many of us may fit near into one parenting style, but better to raise kids using multiple style of parenting. At certain age group, one parenting style may be useful and in another age group another style may be more useful.

Another important factor in parenting is that it is better if out of both parent’s one carry one style of parenting and another carry different style of parenting. This is better for the kids since kids may learn different aspect of life from the parents.

Besides parenting style, there are many more factors that influence the development of kids. We are listing some of important factor below:

Kids key personality traits and how that fits within the family circumstances.

Social environment or surrounding environment.

Parenting as teacher style of working and how parents are able to manage with teaching style.

Now a days few parents are becoming more possessive for their kids and that style is called helicopter style of parenting. Although it is similar to authoritative style, however involvement level is quite high.

Hope you liked our article, let us leave few good words for the articles.

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