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“Compatibility Chemistry is lifeline of Happy Relationship” RB

It is well understood that Relationship is lifeline for everyone. You have good relationship with your closed one, you are emotionally strong and also you are Socially, Professionally and Personally strong.

Especially Relationship is quite important for Emotional, Materialistic and Social personalities. Somehow relationship does not disturb Intellectual personalities being practical and less emotional.

Issues may appear in every relationship as no one is perfect but important is that these issues strengthens your relationship or destroying your relationship. Relationship having good understanding and good empathy live long or enjoy their time being with their partner.

Compatibility is one of important aspects of any relationship.  You can say Compatibility is base of any relationship. Compatibility makes relationship easier.

Compatibility comes when couple co-relates with equality and respect. Compatibility brings fun and enjoyment in relationship. Relationship goes to next level when couple shares companionship and activities.

Chemistry is another important aspect of relationship and need to understand deeply. You should not co-relate Compatibility and Chemistry. Both are different aspects and need to be understood separately.

Many times compatibility and chemistry are used loosely to define the unseen relationship among couples. Although understanding difference between compatibility and chemistry is crucial for happy, healthy relationship.

Compatibility is natural order of lifestyle interest and values of two people. A young politician and a chemist are not compatible and probably they can’t be a good couple.

Compatibility is considered for long term relationship. Higher your compatible, you will be having similar lifestyle and value. In general liberal educated people look out for compatible partner. Religious people find comfort with religious partner. Insane people find comfort with insane partner.

Chemistry represents emotional connection between both partner. Higher is the chemistry, you will feel warm, frizzy and deep emotions in each other that creates a closed loop within both partners. And when you are able to maintain closed loop with partner, you can understand feeling at superior level and you feel better and much better.

When you have chemistry with someone at higher level, you monopolize each other thoughts and your spare time. You think about him/her all the time you awake up and sleep. That’s the passion love or sickness, you can define it anyway.

Few examples of good chemistry are like how you laugh during fun time or during jokes, how you hug each other, how you talk to each other about your day, how you hold each other, how you care each other or how you respect each other.

Chemistry is primarily built up with delicate aspects of behavior and personality that mix with behavior and disposition of the other person. Important aspect about chemistry is that you both feel same, like whatever you are feeling, your partner also feels in the same way. You both become soul of each other.

“True love True chemistry is defined when two people feelings complement each other.”

High levels of chemistry happen usually between opposite quality people.

An organized or planned person may have good chemistry with spontaneous or unorganized person. An energetic, strong person may have good chemistry with a relaxed person. An introvert may have good chemistry with extroverts.

Couple still continues their life without compatibility as well as without chemistry, its matter of enjoyment, leisure in life. You may be spending your life boring, dead in the absence of chemistry and compatibility.

Chemistry is more reflected in persona life and compatibility is more observed in social life.

Lack of chemistry means mechanical sex or emotionless sex, with chemistry it is spiritual sex where in you feel inner realm and where you have high level of brain or mind development.


We have discussed about Compatibility and Chemistry. However it is not necessary that both compatibility and chemistry comes together.

High Compatibility/Low Chemistry: Relationship with high compatibility and low chemistry is seems to be a boring relationship. This arrangement is growing especially in working class.

Chemistry without Compatibility: Relationship may not be long term when it is only chemistry. It is like you both are living in different part of world and even it can be more complicated.

When you both are totally incompatible, your behavior will be completely irrational.  You may immolate each other emotions.

High Chemistry/Low Compatibility: is again not good. High chemistry push quick relationship, passion is high in high chemistry relationship. High chemistry leads to easy and early physical relationship. Couples of high chemistry/low compatibility are comfortable to break relationship easier.

High Chemistry/High Compatibility: High Chemistry/High compatibility is one of best combination. You can say it as sweet spot. Intimacy level is high, emotional and spirituality is high, and sociality and practical view point of relationship is also there.Low Chemistry/Low Compatibility: This is one of rarest combination in mankind. No intimacy is there, understanding level is quite low. This type of relationship does not last long.

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