Every human being carries unique personality traits. With the time, personality have been defined in several ways like (A,B,C,D type), (Extrovert, Introvert, openness, conscientiousness, agreeable type). We are linking here personality types with chakras in human body, since these chakras are linked with specific traits, energies or characteristics and We are categorizing here personalities into 16 types.
We welcome you to the test and hope you will enjoy.

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1. Everyone in this world is running a race.
2. Everyone in this World is selfish.
3. I act without thinking.
4. God is caring everyone, we should not worry.
5. When you are in grief, you are closer to God
6. Love is to give and love is supreme power.
7. We are in this world to serve others.
8. Tit for Tat.
9. Let us pray god for success in exams.
10. God is everywhere and watching everything.
11. I love to help others.
12. I am good follower.
13. I am satisfied person.
14. I love and enjoy life!
15. I dislike aggression
16. I like Stability and reliability.
17. I am empathetic, feel others emotions.
18. I can bear extra pressure.
19. I am comfortable in working in groups.
20. We must take suggestion of our seniors before reaching to conclusion.
21. I dislike changes.
22. I am consistent in my work.
23. I do more what expected of me.
24. I prefer to be in my own circle.
25. I handle task methodically.
26. I do not like philosophical discussion.
27. Logically it is not right, We should do it.
28. Results are more important than ethics.
29. Sometimes I find difficult to take decision.
30. Quality is more important than quantity.
31. I keep everything in my control.
32. I am always prepared.
33. I never feel sad.
34. I am good initiator.
35. Art is important for me.
36. I feel comfortable around people.
37. I love to be in style.
38. I enjoy thrill and adventurous.
39. I enjoy parties and social gatherings.
40. I am a Friendly person.
41. I never feel lonely.
42. I love social recognition.
43. I know it better than you.
44. I am not short tempered.
45. I am particular about my Social outlook.
46. I am not spontaneous.
47. I am funny person.
48. Time is money.
49. I love reading books.
50. You must complete this task immediately by anyways.
51. I am interested for crux not explanation.
52. Let us try new concept if this is not working.
53. Business is to be competitive and win.
54. I am very particular about my subject and work.
55. Change is must to grow.
56. I take charge of situation and tasks.
57. I trust and rely on others to execute the task.
58. I delegate authority.
59. I love whatever work I do.
60. I try to be incharge , to lead others.

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We wish you all the best for your future endeavor.

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