Welcome to Education Counselling Test.
This test is primarily designed for Teenager who are going for higher education and looking for education counselling for their personality. We have done counselling based on 22 Personality traits. When you are going for the test, We recommend to select the first instant output which you feel or come to your mind, when you read the question.
Usually when you read any question, Brain immediately gives first response and then there may be 2 more responses or output against the question.
1st response is natural or real response as per our innate nature.
For correct result, better to select instant or first response only.

In most of option there are four option :

Strongly Disagree, Disagree, Agree, Strongly Agree

Strongly Disagree: means you are totally disagreeing with the acceptance of question.
Disagree: means you are mildly disagreeing with question.
Agree: means you are mildly agreeing with question.
Strongly Agree: means you are totally agreeing with question.

it's preliminary counselling test, clear counselling is done with advance test.

1. I am focused.
2. I am disciplined.
3. I trust and rely on others.
4. I take charge of situation and tasks.
5. I love to serve others.
6. I love to help others.
7. I enjoy thrill, sports and adventure.
8. I am sharp in decisions.
9. I like to be in
10. I like study.
11. I enjoy parties and social gatherings.
12. I like travel.
13. I can use every piece of waste cloth or item.
14. I can improve your look.
15. I can handle home better than anyone.
16. I am mathematician.
17. I am not anxious.
18. I can make patches in your skin.
19. I evaluate things thoroughly.
20. I judge people easily and like to judge.
21. I can direct a team.
22. I am initiator.

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