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1. The kidneys in human beings are a part of the system for
2. The xylem in plants are responsible for
3. The autotrophic mode of nutrition requires
4. The breakdown of pyruvate to give carbon dioxide, water and energy takes place in
5. An example of homologous organs is
6. In evolutionary terms, we have more in common with
7. A sexual Reproduction takes place through budding in
8. Which of the following is not a part of the female reproductive system in human begins?
9. The anther contains
10. Which of the following is a biodegradable substance?
11. The constituents which do not form Eco-System are
12. The functional unit of environment is
13. The number of atoms of oxygen present in ozone are
14. Which of the following is the plant hormone?
15. The gap between two neurons is called a
16. The brain is responsible for
17. Main site of photosynthesis
18. Opening and closing of pores is a function performed by
19. Photosynthesis is a
20. Respiratory pigment in human body is
21. Fruits are formed from
22. With whom you can associate theory of evolution?
23. Homologous organ have
24. The formula of Ozone is __
25. Which one of the following is a Renewable Resource
26. The correct formula of rust is
27. pH of pure water is
28. Modern Periodic Table has
29. Modern Periodic Table was given by
30. Ethane, with the molecular formula C2H6 has
31. The by product of soap is
32. Covalent compounds
33. The chemical formula of caustic potash is
34. The bronze medals are made up of
35. An element reacts with oxygen to give a compound with a high melting point. The compound is soluble in water. The element is likely to be
36. The reaction of H2 gas with oxygen gas to form water is an example of
37. Which of the following metals is present in the anode mud during the electrolytic refining of copper?
38. Which has cannot be used as a fuel?
39. Name the first member of alkanal series.
40. Butanone is a four- carbon compound with the functional group
41. Name the sodium compound which is used for softening hard water
42. A solution reacts with crushed egg- shells to give a gas that turns lime-water milky. The solution contains
43. Which gas is produced when an acid reacts with Na2CO3
44. Name the Metal which is a poor conductor of heat
45. Which metal can easily cut with a knife
46. Respiration talking place in cells of all the living beings is an ____ reaction
47. An alloy is
48. Which of the following statement is not correct?
49. Which of the following is functional group?
50. Which is used for fractured bones and making statues?

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