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Sensitivity is the state of being sensitive or hypersensitive: such as.

  • the capacity of an organism or sense organ to respond to stimulation : irritability.

Sensitivity is also the quality of being caring, easily irritated or sympathetic, sense of humor.

Your Body is like a computer system, an input generates output means there is processing.

Higher is your sensitivity level, fast you will react which is somehow abnormal for your well being.

So it is mandatory to have sense of humor, not to be sensitive or hyper sensitive.

When you are not able to manage the thoughts or input senses,  subsequently it may lead to severe psychological problems like Depression , Anxiety etc.

By going through this small test, you can evaluate level of Sensitive within you and as per guidelines you can try to come out of it.

1. I am always aggressive in my task due to:
2. How do you feel or express in Social forum or professional forum.
3. My breath pattern often changes.
4. How do you feel when you wake up.
5. I often feel myself too energetic.
6. I am not at all comfortable at height or under water.
7. I do not like anyone pressurize me and be aggressive.
8. I always feel headache and bodyache
9. How do you feel before sleep.
10. I am not comfortable with Flying insects like cockroaches, Lizards, grasshoppers!
11. How do you feel in darkness!
12. I find myself totally isolated from Family and closed ones.
13. I often have high blood pressure
14. Social gathering, Social relationship kills me! I can not bear social pressure.
15. If I missed this opportunity, I will not be able to cope up with environment!

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