Sleep is a behavioral state characterized by little physical activity and almost no awareness of the outside world.

Sleep accounts for approx. one third part of Human life and actually quality sleep is vital part for Human life.

With the growth of Urbanization, digitization and privatization, Families are shifting to nuclear families that give growth to isolation.

With the help of digitization, tools are used to control human thoughts which subsequently creates repercussion resultant anxiety and depression, hypertension and an overall decreased quality of life and quality sleep

By going through this small test, you can evaluate quality of your sleep or any sleep disorder associated with you and as per guidelines you can come out of it.

1. I have difficulty falling asleep
2. I wake up during night and can not go back to sleep.
3. Thoughts disturb my mind and not allow me to sleep.
4. I always feel sad and depressed.
5. I worry about progress and have trouble relaxing.
6. I lie awake for 30 minutes before I fall asleep.
7. Despite full night sleep, I do not feel relaxed.
8. I am gaining weight.
9. I snort during sleep.
10. I have been told I stop breathing while sleep.
11. I have high blood pressure.
12. I feel morning headaches.
13. I have trouble sleeping when I have cold.
14. Seems I am loosing sex drive.
15. I feel sleepy during the day even I have full night sleep.

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