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Parenting is an art like Painting scenery.

You love parenting, and everyone love their kids, but sometimes it becomes difficult to handle the kids and even some parents find Parenting irritating.

By going through this small test, you can evaluate your Parenting skills and as per guidelines you can boost your parenting skills.

1. I play with kids everyday
2. I often hug my kids
3. I keep everything under my control in family matters
4. I provide full direction to my kids in all matters
5. I encourage my kids to ask questions
6. I am Role Model for my kids
7. I scold kids to maintain discipline
8. Kids Nurturing is an art
9. I nurture kids with Guidance
10. I nurture kids by allowing them to take their own decision
11. I encourage kids to learn what they want to learn
12. Firm and Strict decision provoke unhealthy environment within family
13. An open Environment within family, boost nurturing
14. Kids Life best teacher
15. I try to make kids happy in any scenario

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