Welcome to your STRESS TEST

1. I rejevunate myself with daily
2. How do you feel or express in Social forum or professional forum.
3. I do not like anyone pressurize me and be aggressive.
4. How do you feel when you wake up.
5. I drink Caffeine ____ times a day
6. I eat Healthy Balanced Diet
7. I often have conflict with others
8. I am organized person
9. I like my job, my profession, my study
10. I enjoy my marriage life
11. I enjoy my financial situation
12. I manage my time well and spare lot of time for personal space

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  1. Umesh mudaliar

    But how to control my stress
    Being in stress many wrong things happens by me and afterwards i feel guilty about it i want get away from this stress full life

    1. admin

      You can consult with us.i.e chargeable. Number is given on our website .
      Thank You

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