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Psychology is flow of thought in Human brain. And when you are not able to execute, control your thoughts or you hold your thoughts, brain starts to malfunction it's natural response. We call it as psyche means holding the psychology, holding natural flow of thoughts in the brain.

With the growth of Urbanization, digitization and privatization, Families are shifting to nuclear families that give growth to isolation.

With the help of digitization, tools are used to control human thoughts which subsequently creates repercussion resultant anxiety and depression.

Human Body is like a computer system, any input generates output means there is processing.

When you hold the input it is stored in your brain or memory and when memory is overloaded, system start malfunction.

So it is mandatory to nullify unnecessary thoughts in the brain to keep brain refreshed.

When you are not able to manage the thoughts or input senses, it may lead to Depression and anxiety.

By going through this small test, you can evaluate level of anxiety and depression and as per guidelines you can try to come out of it.

1. I am always aggressive in my task due to:
2. How do you feel or express in Social forum or professional forum.
3. My closed one doesn't oblige/regard me.
4. I always feel weak, tired and little headache.
5. My breath pattern often changes or my mood swing often.
6. How do you feel when you wake up.
7. How do you feel before sleep.
8. I often feel myself too energetic.
9. I am not at all comfortable at height or under water.
10. I am not comfortable with Flying insects like cockroaches, Lizards, grasshoppers!
11. How do you feel in darkness!
12. I am totally isolated from Family and closed ones!
13. Nothing is right for me here!
14. Social gathering, Social relationship kills me! I can not bear social pressure.
15. I have missed this opportunity, I will not be able to cope up with environment!

Hope you find Test comfortable.

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  1. Neelam puri

    It is really good to see the results, which shows almost correct information about my problem. I am greatful for guiding me to sort my problem.

  2. Ima

    Thank you so much for tha quick results

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