Welcome to your RIDDLE TEST FOR KIDS

1. Which thing we can hold in our right hand but not in our left hand?
2. Tell the thing which only increases but not decreases
3. Tell the thing which only decreases but not increases
4. Rainbow starts from what?
5. What/Who gives rain
6. 1+1?
7. There are two ladies one of them is your Mother but you are not able to find your mother because they both are twins and can not speak also.How will you find your mother?
8. Which thing has a neck but no head?
9. What has 10 Hearts but no other Organs?
10. Which 2 keys can't open a door?
11. Where does Friday comes before Thursday
12. What comes once in a minute twice in a moment and never in thousand years
13. What acts like a rope but is not a rope?
14. Which word is always written incorrectly in dictionaries
15. What has two hands one face but no leg?

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