Education is a crucial stage of life for educated human and a tough stage of life for human being who dislikes it. It gives basic foundation to human mind for managing their life. Somehow It does not affect professional carrier of human. Many big industrialist are not educated across the world. Although Corporate prefer Certified professionals. Read next line to understand real aim of education in human life.

“ Education is a stage,” Need to fill an empty mind.”

          It’s not necessity for all humans. Even not mandatory for earning live hood. It becomes necessity for child mentally development during his childhood stage.

During Childhood, Human mind is not able to cope up with this planet environment, also not able to handle his life circumstances. And in last an empty mind is a devil workshop. It will create problems wherever it will . Therefore to fill human mind or to make it busy during childhood, is the real aim of education, so that it develops a positive attitude and moves towards development instead of destruction.

          If education is not important for earning live hood for human, than why we have made this word hard for every child. There are few issue in Education system and few issues are with Social mentality.

In last couple of years Lot of changes observed in Education system, especially in metros. Few School are shifting from class room based system to activity based system, which is quite interesting concept for Kids.          

          God has created every Human with a specific skill. Parents or Teacher should nurture their kid skill or talent. You need to find out that talent and make it your passion to be pioneer in that skill.

So important is not what you or your kid study, important is passion and your mental development. Important is focus for specific subject, specific field.

Once education will become activity, School will become Enjoy ground for every child.