Dreams are fantasies that happen during some specific time or stages of sleep. Mainly dreams comes during RME(Rapid eye movement) sleep or when you are not in deep sleep or when your mind is entering into deep sleep or when your brain is exiting deep sleep stage.

Your brain is full of neurons and these neurons make different structure according to activities you do or emotions you feel. Some structures may be genetic or heredity that are quite difficult to change. Genetics structure may really disturb you throughout your life and genetics structure may also give you abnormal abilities.

When you learn something neurons creates structure in your brain which are automatically saved, when you want to recall what you learnt brain stimulates that neurons structure so you can use that structure.

When you watch any advertisement, neurons creates structure in brain which gets saved, when you want to buy that categories of item, brain stimulate the biggest neurons structure so psychologically you are pushed to buy that brand.

Now when you are depressed, you focus only one aspect of life means neurons structure becomes strong and stronger. It is like you are watching same advertisement every time without any execution.

When you are anxious, you feel stress and strain in body and mind. Anxiety creates less severe structure compare to depression.

So different neurons structures are made depends upon type of activity you do or types of emotions you feel like grudges, happiness, loneliness, proud, disgust, fear, anxiety, depression etc.

When brain get stimulus against this structure or your mind is emotionally triggered, it stimulate the neurons structure that generates certain behavior during day time or fantasies during sleep.


Dreams are way to approach your emotions in your life may be emotions which are not fulfilled. Your conscious brain operate faster when you are awake, your unconscious brain may act faster when you are not awake, your brain activates feelings that conscious brain wouldn’t make.

As per memory consolidation theory, dreams somehow try to re-organize the neuron structure in your brain or consolidate your memory.

And as per Evolutionary theory dreams teach you to deal with challenging and tough situations.

You dream more during Stress, Anxiety, Fear, and Depression or during emotional time. In other words, Emotional personality’s dreams more compare to Intellectual and Materialistic personalities. More you are practical less you will dream.

Less you can bear pressure, more you will dream. More you are expressive, you will dream less as being expressive you are able to balance your memory and mind.

People suffering with Insomnia tend to dream more compare to those who sleep well. Key reason associated with Insomnia is negative emotions that disturb your sleep.

Sleep is quite important to regulate brain function, maintain blood pressure and your metabolism and other function of body.

Dreams as your Inspiration

Dreams also helps to facilitate creative tendencies, sometimes you are able to execute your creativity through your dreams. During sleep brain is without any filter for flow of thoughts or ideas which you may not be able to execute when you are awake.


  • You are busy in your day to day activity. Conscious mind maintain control on your body activity and memory stores input through senses as usual.
  • When you focus, you are able to execute your task in better way.
  • When you relax or you are alone, you mind is relaxed and able to think clearly. Conscious mind is working actively.
  • You relaxed little more or snap, your mind is able to execute the pattern which are not executable being busy in other activities.
  •  When you go for sleep and mind enter in sleep stage, unconscious mind try to resolve unexecuted pattern in the memory.
  • Once a pattern is executed, unconscious mind may stop working and conscious mind come into picture and you woke up.


Discussed above dreams that helps in your productivity with memories, emotions are useful dreams. However Nightmares are dreams’ that scared you or upset you during sleeping. Nightmare usually happened at time of high stress, anxiety, depression or may be due to certain medications.

Frequent nightmares are linked with sleeping disorder, insomnia or may be apnea also. Scaring dreams are usually labeled sleeping disorder if the nightmares:

If the cause lead to frequent disruptions of sleep

Makes you anxious

bring about other sleeping or psychological problems

Many people are exposed to occasional nightmares throughout their lives.


  • You are Anxious or Depressed or mentally overloaded.
  • May be suffering with Sleep disorder, Insomnia or Apnea or it is heredity.
  • (May not be in your comfortable place)
  • Surrounded with High energies which may not be favoring you.( We will discuss in detail in separate topic)
  • Entering in Sleep.
  • REM Stage
  • Mind triggers
  • And Brain/Body reacts.

Probability of Nightmare is highest you are entering in Sleep stage or deep sleep and least during other sleep stages. Inversely Probability of other dreams is highest you are exiting deep sleep and least you enter in deep sleep.


Every human being represents an energy that has strength, weakness and carries certain set of values, belief system. When you meet someone or when two energies meet each other, your unconscious mind easily understand level of energy you are meeting. However conscious mind may be not be accepting, able to evaluate it considering your attitude, belief system or sets of values you carry.

Consciously or Unconsciously stronger energy dominates weaker energy. These non-favored energies affect you consciously/unconsciously and disturb your psychological well being.

So when you are surrounded by stronger energies, which are not favoring you, your chances of being frightened during sleep will be much higher.


Factors that affect you when you are awake also affect you during dreams.

Sleep quality/Sleep conditions:

Key influence on dreams is Sleep quality or Sleep conditions or Ambience during sleep.

You are not able to sleep for night or two, can make your brain more aggressive, when you finally sleep in REM. You can have clear dreams after some tiring nights, even you can remember that dreams.

Psychological disorder like depression, anxiety, mood swing or other bipolar disorder can also trigger nightmares, frightening and negative dreams.

Medicines used to cure depression and anxiety can change your overall mental and psychological health and lead to negative dreams or nightmares.

Pregnancy brings lot of hormones changes and may lead to dreaming. Pregnancy makes you more emotional and probably slow down your thought process that may lead to depression.


Some foods may help you to remember dreams better. Certain high energy foods that give you quick energy and after a while make you feel down.

Any food that affect when you are wake will definitely affect your unconscious mood.

Food like chocolate, Coffee, tea that helps you to wake up will make up you waking up during REM sleep stage.

Daily activities

Heavy day activity, tiredness, office anxiety may lead to dreaming.

Exercise in the morning is quite useful for good sleep. Exercise, Walk and other cardio helps you for better sleep and spend more time in deep sleep.

Exercise in the evening must be avoided if you are suffering in sleep disorder, apnea or Insomnia.

Breathing exercises are quite useful for sleep disorder. Breathing exercises must be practiced in the morning or at extreme before evening.

Sports person or other fitness freak personalities spend less time in REM sleep. And you must learn other ways to de-stress during day time, so that during sleep you simply enter in deep sleep without carrying any anxiety along with you.


Reason why you are not able to remember dreams is that your conscious brain is not very active during sleep. You can remember dreams only when you wake up after the dream.

Once you woke up, focus on images, feeling or memories you have in your dream and write them on a paper. This will help you to remember your dreams.


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