Human nervous system is a web of nerves that are involved in anything, everything human body does.

Nervous system regulates everything in human body like Digestion, Respiratory movement, immune system, maintaining body temperature, your breathing etc.

Major or minor disturbance with nervous system can disturb your whole life. It is vital to take care your nervous system, else it may be at risk of weakness.


Your lifestyle is key important aspect for caring your nervous system. Subsequent your diet play important part for nervous system. And finally with some home remedies you can refresh your nervous system.

Let us discuss here 10 Best ways to strengthen your nervous system:

  1. Yoga, Yog Nidra and Meditation for nervous system:

Best way to keep refresh your nervous system is to make Yoga and Meditation part of our daily lifestyle. Yoga strengthens our physical well- being and meditation strengthen psychological and spiritual well -being. Yoga boost your mood and control stress level in body. Meditation aids to spiritual well- being, helps in Sleep related problem, increase release of endorphin chemical in the body that gives relaxation of whole nervous system.

During practice of Yoga poses, recommended to do poses property. Breathing must be balanced with the poses for better result or you can also consult expert.

You can practice mediation through different techniques. Deep meditation makes your more intellectual. Common techniques of meditation are Focus on Breathe, observe Water movement and Ohm chanting etc.

2.  Deep Breathing for Nervous system:

Breathe is life line of Human being and key food for nervous system.

Deep breathing is also one of best way to strengthen nervous system. Through different breathing exercises separate branches of nervous system can be strengthened and  disease can be cured.

Simples inhale/exhale aids you to cure stress in the body. With advance breathing techniques, you can control breathe movement in separate branches of nervous system and cure disease in specific area.

3. OM/OHM Chanting for Nervous system:

OHM is one of most powerful word of dictionary. Ohm chanting can cure stress. Ohm chanting can balance Chakra energy in Human body. Once Chakra’s are balance, that help to cure weakness or disease in human body.

4. Walk/ Barefoot walk for Nervous system:

Walk is one of best exercise for your body. 30minutes walk is sufficient for an average human being. Walk elevates your mood, aids to release endorphin in your body.

Barefoot walk on grass or moist earth or beach also adds to more benefit. When you walk barefoot, earth energy is transmitted in your body aids to many health benefits. Walk on moist grass boost your immunity, maintain blood pressure, improves eye sight and also improves sleep.

5. Exercise for Nervous system:

Regular exercise is vital for nervous system health. Regular 45 minutes exercise is enough for the body stay active and relaxed.

Walking, Running, Swimming, cycling, Jumping and Skipping boost your mood, increase release of endorphin, makes your nervous system relaxed and active.

6. Sunlight for Nervous System

Morning sunlight is also vital for nervous system. Morning sunlight aids to control the nervous system by aiding body to build Vitamin D.

You must daily expose your body to sunlight for 15-20 minutes to boost Vitamin D in your body.

7. Stay Hydrated for Nervous system:

Drink plenty of water to keep your nervous system refresh and active. When your body is hydrated, Your nervous system is cheerful. Staying hydrated makes better communication between body and brain.

Staying hydrated makes you more alert, focused and strong memory.

8. Enough Sleep for Nervous System:

Sleep is also important ingredient to keep Nervous system active and relaxed. You must take enough sleep like 8 hours depends upon individual body needs.

During sleep body generates certain protein or nutrients which are vital for body response to disease.

So maintain your sleep cycle to allow your nervous system to stay active and alert to fight with disease.

9. Punctuality for routine activities:

Human body cycle is off 24 hours means brain reactivates body for task after 24 hours which you may have done earlier.

You must maintain punctuality for every task you do regularly like meal habits, sleeping habits, wake up time or exercise time. It helps to communicate brain and body in better way and keeps your nervous system alert active and refresh.

Human body cycle is co related with earth movement and solar system movement.

Energies from Earth and Solar system drastically impact Human life.

Better to start your day early and finish early to strengthen your nervous system.

10. Avoid Caffeine, Tobacco and Alcoholic Drinks:

Caffeine, Tobacco and Alcohol temporarily trigger nervous system and gives us relaxation.

Over consumption of Alcohol may contract brain tissues and damage brain cells.  

Consumption of Caffeine stimulates nervous system but gradually you become dependent on caffeine products.

So it is recommended to not be dependent on caffeine product for temporary relaxation.

We have discussed on lifestyle, let us now discuss on foods which are vital for nervous system:


Healthy diet is important for physical and mental well- being. However your body and brain also require specific nutrient to be refreshed.

Let us discuss here best 10 foods for Brain and Nervous system:

  1. Green vegetables for Nervous system:

Green vegetables are power pack of Vitamin B, C, E and magnesium. All these are vital for functioning of brain and nervous system.

Magnesium aids to calm the nerves.

Vitamin B is vital for circulating neurotransmitter health.

Vitamin C and E are vital for health of nervous system.

2. Fish for Nervous System:

Fish is power pack of Omega-3 fatty acids which are vital for health of nervous system.

Omega-3 fatty acids in fish aids to heal the nervous system.

You have deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids, you may suffer from problems like consistent headache, weak immune system, eye weakness etc. You should increase intake of Fish to boost nervous system.

Fish also boost your immune system.

3. Almonds for Nervous System:

Almonds are rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E which are vital for nervous system and brain.

Almonds are also rich source of Protein, magnesium, fiber, calcium and potassium which are vital for nervous system health.

4. Broccoli for Nervous system:

Brocoli is best nutrient-packed powerhouse to support Human Nervous system.

One cup of broccoli give vitamin c equal to one orange. Brocoli is also high in potassium, beta-carotene, magnesium, zinc, and iron which are vital for nervous system. Broccoli is also having Vitamin K that is considered to boost brain strength and cognitive skills.

Over consumption of Brocoli can cause gas or bowel irritation due to high fiber.

5. Eggs for Nervous system:

Eggs are packed with immunity-boosting nutrients.

Egg are power packed with vitamin d and b that is important for regulating and strengthening immunity and nervous system.

That why kids are encouraged to eat eggs from the start. Eggs helps for healthy body, strong nails, hairs and bones.

Egg yolks also contain zinc and selenium minerals that help boost the immune system.

6. Kiwis for Nervous system:

Kiwis are an excellent source of vitamin C and copper, which is vital for nervous system.

Kiwis are full of vitamin C and nutrients. As per research, one cup of kiwi provides around 273 percent of your daily recommended value.

Kiwis are also Good Source of Dietary Fiber, Vimanis, folate and Minerals which helps in digestion and also makes your skin more glowing.

Kiwis aid to regulate and boost your mood and also helpful in some of brain disorders. Kiwis are also good for your eyes.

7. Avocados for nervous system:

Avacodos are power house of Vitamin K and Folate. It aids to secure blood clot in brain.

Apart from above, Avacados also aids to more focus and memory. Avacados also contain protein that is good for digestion and immune system.

8. Pumpkin seeds for Nervous system:

Pumpkin seeds are power pack of Zinc, copper, iron, magnesium and antioxidants. Pumpkin seeds aid to focus, memory and also secure to brain from free radical damage.

Copper in pumpkin seeds aids to control nerve signal.  Deficiency of copper may lead to many neurological disorders.

Pumpkin is also full of Vitamin B12 that helps to relax the nerves.

9. Cow milk for Nervous system:

Cow milk is full of Vitamin B that is vital for functioning of Brain and nervous system.

Cow milk also boost your mood and improve sleep cycle.

10. Chamomile for Nervous system

Chamomile is a popular herb which is used to relax nerves and control anxiety as it is full of antioxidants.

Chamomile is also used to treat sleep related issues, insomnia and hysteria.

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